Inspiration is the key to success

The teachers at Kinder Explorers, with their open minds and hearts, are great sources of inspiration and motivation. At Kinder Explorers, your child will develop critical thinking skills, creativity, literacy, arithmetic skills, and a love of learning.

Discover the Joys of Learning

Our curriculum expands young minds and nurtures tender spirits, and will help your child discover the joys of learning. We provide your child with the skills he or she needs to be a successful reader and writer.

Music and Movement

Our music and movement curriculum helps children learn to control their bodies, and encourages the development of coordination and motor skills. It promotes an appreciation for music and rhythm while fostering creativity.

Opportunities for Play and Discovery

Our program is designed to create spaces and opportunities for engaging play and discovery. Play is essential to the development of your child’s mind because it builds and promotes social, cognitive, physical, and emotional well-being.

Great Place to Work

At Kinder Explorers, our work environment encourages employee engagement and is conducive to productive work. It provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our employees are treated with respect! Learn More

Your Child's Physical & Emotional Well-being Is Important to Us

Your child's health and safety is our top priority. Outdoor time is planned into our curriculum to give the children time to practice and build fine and gross motor skills. With the guidance and supervision of our teachers your child will learn to experience risk taking and develop risk control.

Enroll Now

When you enroll your child at Kinder Explorers, you can rest assured that he or she is getting an outstanding education in an exceptional environment. Contact us today!

Your child excels when we're connected to you

At Kinder Explorers, we understand that developing positive relationships with parents is critical to providing the best care possible to their children. Communication is the key to helping your child achieve his/her potential in the classroom.

Our Brandmark


At the center of our visual brand and our design system is our brandmark. It is a combination of the sun, a child’s hand, a fetus and letters that introduce warmth and character in their details.

  • The bold, powerful type reflects the strength of Kinder Explorers: reliability, quality, excellence.
  • The sun denotes illumination of knowledge, hope, life, brightness, glory and authority.
  • The child’s hand symbolizes a nurturing environment where a child blossoms and finds a way to express himself through science, art, language and music.
  • The fetus reflects a dynamic company that embraces change and opportunities for growth.

Our brandmark is the single strongest visual element used to promote our name and Center. Therefore, it must be used correctly and consistently to reinforce its legal protection as our identity. It must be applied to all materials in accordance with the standards and guidelines developed to ensure that maximum consistency and visibility are achieved with every brand touch point.