“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own.” - Ben Sweetland
Volunteer teacher helping a class of preschool kids drawing

You’re Covered!

At Kinder Explorers Children Learning Center, the joys of learning and discovery happen every day. Kinder Explorers is committed to the highest standards. We are dedicated to helping parents like you by providing a safe and nurturing environment where your child is encouraged to learn, explore, play, and grow confidently.

Parents can happily go to work now knowing their children are happy, safe, and well cared for. When we finish, we’ll leave your kids socially prepared, excited to learn, well-versed in the communication, maths, science, and other basic skills they’ll need on the path to long-lasting success.

Why Kinder Explorers?

There’s more to Kinder Explorers than just basic daycare. Our programs are for two to five-year-old kids and help them engage intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially in a way that inspires curiosity and creativity.

  • Safe, secure, and absolutely clean
  • Developmental appropriate curriculum
  • Enrichment and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs
  • Full child care and education for children ages 2 to 5
  • Hours: Monday-Friday from 6:30am-6:30pm
  • Highly qualified staff members with CPR and First Aid
  • We collaborate with parents to develop the skills their children need to prepare them for academic excellence and success in life
  • Daily nutritious meals and snacks
  • We wear school uniform
  • Planned trips throughout the year
  • Summer Program (June through August)
  • We are future-directed
  • With us, excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude

Kinder Explorers Children Learning Center is licensed and regulated by the Maryland State Department of Education, Office of Child Care.

Our Goal

Kinder Explorers support families through collaborative partnerships to provide their young children with a continuum of high-quality education and care that meets their unique needs and ensures that they develop the skills that will prepare them for academic excellence and success in life.


Our Philosophy

Teachers at a Kinder Explorers Children Learning Center are members of the Family Team who provide the environment and experiences from which children learn. They are there to create experiences appropriate for each child, ask stimulating questions, provide challenge, and help children find new answers and new opportunities. Teaching also involves helping children achieve the confidence and self-discipline to develop increasingly more sophisticated social and intellectual skills and knowledge that prepare them for success in school. Our curriculum develops and builds off the talents of creative teachers and the wider resources of a talented company committed to early childhood education.

Our program welcomes children of all abilities by replacing the concept of a single unified intelligence with the understanding that there are multiple intelligences: ways of knowing and achieving in the world. Success in school and success in life draws upon multiple intelligences that are interrelated and interactive. Optimum development requires identifying a child’s strengths and using those strengths to help the child succeed in school and life. Children’s primary language and culture shape them and help them to grow; we recognize this in each of our children and use knowledge of their backgrounds to enhance our learning environment. Our program is individualized to meet each child’s needs, allowing them to choose what they want to do, but also engaging in teacher-directed activities, that are planned with their needs and interests in mind and encouraging interactions that foster the development of social skills.


We envision being a responsible educational institution respected within our immediate environment as a provider of high-quality child care and early childhood education.


Kinder Explorers supports families through collaborative partnerships to provide young children with a continuum of high quality education and care that meets their unique needs and ensures that they develop the skills that will prepare them for academic excellence and success in life.

Core Values
  • Integrity in all our dealings with everyone
  • Commitment to maintaining professionalism
  • Respect for all individuals we serve, and we interact with
  • Confidentiality and impartiality in dealing with children under our care
  • Accountability and transparency