Discover the joys of learning with our domains of learning

Our approach to early childhood education is a holistic one. Kinder Explorers has the goal to set the platform in which your child can rise and meet life’s challenges. Our curricula centers around the following pillars:

Language Rules

A comprehensive language arts program that integrates reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Math Is Smart

Focuses on counting, the basics of adding and subtracting, sorting and identifying, creating patterns, using measurements, and problem-solving.

Science Matters

Encourages children to build knowledge and understand scientific concepts through active participation in the processes of scientific inquiry.

Art Inspires

Provides children with the opportunity to explore many different types of art materials to represent their world, thoughts, and ideas. Teaches them to express themselves through music and dance.

Movement Works

A healthy body is a healthy mind. This forms part of our curriculum and is integrated into daily activities which facilitates the development of motor skills in children as well as a disposition to be physically active.

Music Soothes

Children get to explore the field of music and sound. We think of it as a distinctive way to express their emotions and ideas.

Social Is Special

Learning about society and its rules and other simple relationships between different people forms a core of good teaching.

Now that you know a little more about age-specific curricula, our safe and secure home environment alongside our comprehensive approach to caring for children is open for you. The best way to experience Kinder Explorers is to visit us and take a tour of our center. After all, no amount of words can describe the energy of our classrooms, nor the expressions of a child learning something new, or the love and attention our teachers impart to every child.

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